UD Hailong battery 48V, 17.25Ah, 828Wh


Product number: BAT-HAI-48-1725
Product information "UD Hailong battery 48V, 17.25Ah, 828Wh"

UD Hailong battery 48V, 17.25Ah, 828Wh

High-performance e-bike batteries made in Germany in a standardised Hailong housing.

Our new and powerful 48V lithium-ion battery consists of 3400mAh Samsung cells, encased in a Hailong battery housing and has an integrated BMS, CE/ROHS certificate and a pair of keys. With the LED charge level indicator on the battery, you can see the remaining charge level at the touch of a button. The cylinder lock fixes your battery securely to the battery rail installed on the bike. Thanks to its design, it fits into every UNI Xoppa and UDX e-bike and can be replaced in a flash.

Features of the battery:
  • Manufacturer: Samsung cells in Hailong housing
  • Voltage: 48V
  • Capacity: 828 Wh = 48V x 17.25Ah
  • Compatibility: UNI Xoppa, UDX
  • Plug: DC female
  • Dimensions: L 36.1cm x W 9.2cm x H 9/10.5cm
  • Weight: ~ 3.75
  • BMS (= Battery Management System)
  • CE/ROHS certificate
  • Includes: Battery + key
  • Made in Germany
  • Original spare part from Urban Drivestyle Berlin!

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