VOXOM bike lock folding lock Clipster


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Product information "VOXOM bike lock folding lock Clipster"

VOXOM bike lock folding lock Clipster, Sold Secure Silver Standard

The new VOXOM folding lock Clipster is next to the VOXOM folding lock Compact, with its 1,000 g / 2,2 lbs the lightest folding lock with Sold Secure Silver Standard on the market.

It consists of several steel links with protected rivets and withstands an attack with various tools for at least three minutes.

The metal parts are rustproof and have a UV-protected cover, so that even strong weather conditions cannot impair the security of the lock.

To avoid scratches in the frame, the links are coated with plastic.

The VOXOM folding lock Clipster has a circumference of 85 cm / 33,46 inch and can be smoothly folded to a compact size.

  • Hardened steel links- Increase security to protect your bike
  • Weather-proof- Metal components are rust free with UV protected cover
  • Ultra protected rivets- Rivets are designed with VSR technology which protects against sawing and cutting
  • Quiet and smooth movement of the joints through friction mechanism
  • Easy to carry- Clipster for the Hipster
  • Fast and easy to use- Easy and convenient to operate
  • Super compact design ensures lock is easy to carry and not too heavy
  • Automovtive standard keys (3 keys included)
  • Color Black
  • Weight ~ 1000 g / ~ 2,2 lbs


About Sold Secure Standard:


Sold Secure is dedicated to reducing the risk of crime by the assessment of security products. Sold Secure Approval is classified into 3 main categories:Bronze, Silver & Gold. The categories reflect the amount of time per test and the tools that are used and themselves vary depending on what test specification is being used. The higher the grading (Bronze is the lowest) the higher the security provided by the product.


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