S-Ride RD-M200 Rear Derailleur 8-spd


Product number: UD-RD-M200
Product information "S-Ride RD-M200 Rear Derailleur 8-spd"
S-Ride RD-M200 Rear Derailleur 8-spd
​(Short Cage)
Affordable and lightweight Shimano-compatible rear derailleur. Compatible with cassettes up to 36t

• Short Cage 
• 8/7/6-speed
• Max. front difference: 12t
• Shimano-Compatible
• Responsive and reliable parallelogram push-rod design
• Composite outer link
• Composite pulleys 
​• Weight: 240g



Speeds:  8/7/6

Compatibility:  Shimano MTB

Cage Length:  Short

Max Cog:  36T

Chain Stabilizer:  without

Cage Material:  Steel

Outer Link Material: Composite

Pull Eye: Composite

Weight: 240 g


Compatibility:  Shimano MTB

Urban Drivestyle Berlin original part

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