Magura QM41 adapter for disc brakes, IS2000


Product number: QM41
Product information "Magura QM41 adapter for disc brakes, IS2000"

Magura QM41 disc brake adapter, IS2000

Adapter allows the use of 180 mm brake discs on the rear triangle with IS2000 mount.

The adapter is screwed to the IS mount of the rear triangle and allows the use of a postmount brake caliper.

  • Rear brake disc: 160 to 180 mm
  • rear wheel mount: IS2000
  • incl. mounting bolts
  • black

General information:

The postmount mounting standard is used on most suspension forks and frames. There are usually PM6" (direct mounting of 160 mm brake discs), PM7" (180 mm) and PM8" (203 mm). Postmount adapters allow the mounting of different brake disc diameters.

With the less common IS2000 standard, brake callipers or adapters are bolted to the side of the frame. With the help of adapters, postmount brake calipers can also be mounted on IS2000 frames.

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