UDX BMX handlebar, matt black


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Product number: HAN-BAR-BMX-UDX-MATT
Product information "UDX BMX handlebar, matt black"

UDX BMX handlebar, matt black

  • Width: ~ 700 mm
  • Raise: ~ 180 mm
  • Hi-Ten steel
  • Stem mount: 22.2 mm
  • Distance between the mount and the top bar (measured centre to centre): ~ 120 mm
  • Diameter top bar: ~ 22.2 mm
  • Colour: matt black powder coated

Original handlebar from the UDX Bike Series by Urban Drivestyle Berlin!

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UDX BMX handlebar, black shorty UDX-BMX-HAN-SHO
UDX BMX handlebar, black shorty 610 mm wide rise 22 cm Hi-Ten steel Stem mount: 22.2 mm Distance between the mount and the topbar: ~ 140 mm Diameter topbar: ~ 22.2 mm Original handlebar from the UDX Bike Series by Urban Drivestyle Berlin!

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UDX BMX handlebar, black HAN-BAR-BMX-UDX
UDX BMX handlebar, black 700 mm wide rise 22 cm Hi-Ten steel Stem mount: 22.2 mm Distance between the mount and the topbar: ~ 150 mm Diameter topbar: ~ 22.2 mm Original handlebar from the UDX Bike Series by Urban Drivestyle Berlin!

€24.95* €32.95* (24.28% saved)

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