UD Front Carrier / Front Cargo Rack


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Product number: FRO-CAR-RAC
Product information "UD Front Carrier / Front Cargo Rack"

Front Carrier / Front Cargo Rack

UNI MK & Swing are real utility and cargo bikes that offer comfort, high torque and enough space for luggage, passengers and more! You want to create a little more space for a bag or a backpack? Then check out our front cargo deck!

The rack is mounted on the headlight brackets and replaces the standard headlight brackets and offers decent stability thanks to support struts! This front load deck is mounted instead of the classic UNI MK 7-inch lamp. All required mounting parts are included in the scope of delivery!


  • Wooden panel is not included and can be purchased separately!

  • Fits only UNI MK, Swing & Bobber V3 forks or newer versions.

  • Is not compatible with the 7-inch headlight.

  • Is not compatible with the RX1 suspension fork, unless you do without the support struts.

Features of the front luggage rack

  • Material: Chromoly steel

  • Colour: Black

  • Weight: ~ 1600g / 3,52 lbs
  • Dimensions:L 32cm x W 32cm x H 21cm (without support struts)

  • max. load: 15kg

  • Includes: Luggage carrier, support struts, add-on parts

Original accessories from Urban Dirvestyle Berlin

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Accessory Items

Wooden panel for front luggage rack / cargo deck / delivery deck WOO-PLA-RAC
Wooden panel for front luggage rack / cargo deck / delivery deck. Includes: Wooden plate and screws Dimensions: 28 cm x 28 cm x 1 cm 4 embedded metal threads on the backside Original accessories from Urban Drivestyle Berlin!

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