Tube 20 x 4.0 - 4 1/4 inch. AV


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Product information "Tube 20 x 4.0 - 4 1/4 inch. AV"

Tube 20 x 4.0 - 4 1/4 inch.

with car/auto valve 40 mm 

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Street Hog III Tire 20 x 4 1/4 inch 9020
Street Hog III Extra Wide Tire 20 x 4 1/4 Diameter: 406 For custom and chopper bikes like the Schwinn New Stingray. This tire fits on all 20" Classic Cycle rims wider than 50 mm (~1,97 inches) ! But please check frame/fork for clearance! On a 80 mm (~3,15 inches) rim the tire is about 93 mm (~3,66 inches) wide and it will 70 mm (~2,75 inches) protrude over the rim. Depending on the rim width and the air pressure, the tire has a total diameter of approx. 60 cm. 30TPI Weight: ~ 1,67 kg (~3,68 pounds) External Diameter of Street Hog III 20 x 4 1/4 on 82 mm (~3,23 inches) rim is ~560 mm (~22,05 inches) - May vary because of pressure. If you assemble the tire on wide rims not to put more pressure than 30 PSI. It could blast.

Tire Liner for tires 20-29 inch , width 80mm / ~3,15 inches CLSBND80x11x235
Tire Liner for tires 20-29 inch Easy installing between Tube and Tire. Tire Liners are reusable and are made of PUR POP material. They will provide a lifetime of protection from puncture caused by sharp objects. One Piece Width: 80 mm (~3,15 inches)  Thick: 1,1 mm (~0,043 inches) Length: 2350 mm (~ 92,52 inches) ~ 255 g ( ~ 0,56 lbs)   Assembling instruction: Remove the wheel and let the air out of the tube. Remove tire and tube from rim. Make sure that the inside of the tire  is free from sharp bodies. Place a puncture protection insert in the tire. The ends can overlap by 7 - 10 cm. Please shorten to the required length. Inflate the tube a little (0,5 BAR / 7 PSI) and place back in the tire. The puncture protection insert is fixed by the tube. Mount the tire and tube on the rim and inflate to the desired tire pressure.